We want to help you get to the finish line and complete whatever goals you have set. Our coaching team is experienced and thrilled to work with athletes at all levels - from the beginner to the seasoned athlete. Find a coaching venue that is right for you:



Our coaching staff is passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping athletes be the best they can be! Our stores offer free workouts and clinics (often with great give-aways and drawings!). Click below to link to our Facebook page for all the details.


group training

A more focused approach to training with exclusive weekly workouts and at-home training schedules for athletes looking for more structure and accountability in their daily training routine.

Sign up in store to join our Group Training Program. Workouts are updated seasonally.



We believe that a healthy lifestyle can begin early. Young athletes develop skills and habits during their childhood that make a difference throughout the rest of their life. We have triathlon teams for boys and girls race ages 6 to 19, with a focus on character and skills development FIRST. 

If your child loves triathlon, being active, or is still trying to find their niche, we hope you'll choose to learn more about our nationally-recognized programs, where we are "Building life-long athletes with world class potential!"

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Triathlon Training

We are committed to helping you conquer your goals at every level, on every surface, at every distance with personalized solutions, inspiration, and knowledge. We want to empower you to pursue your goals and enjoy a healthy life. It is very important as an athlete to have goals, know your limits, and have fun! We have coaches to support you on your journey as well as all of the gear and nutrition to run at your best.



Work with an individual coach of your choice to achieve long-term improvements and success. Playtri coaches utilize a data-driven training approach to help the individual athlete reach his or her potential.